Performance Strategy Alignment

Performance Strategy Alignment

Complacency has no place in our firm. Or Yours.

We work with the ambitious, forward-thinking leaders in industry and private equity firms who believe that transformation does not come from a PowerPoint but is driven by substantive behavioral change and a results-focused process.

fairsystems’ Performance alignment team has developed simple, scalable tools that accelerate the implementation of operational improvements, and ensures they continue to deliver long after the last consultant heads home.

Across industries. From the C-Suite to the front line.

fairsystems’ team works as a partner, a teacher, and a champion, demonstrating over and over our ability to translate the complex, train the skeptical, and create a process that seamlessly demonstrates there are consequences for behavior – good and bad – until operational excellence become part of the organizational DNA.

We create systems for measuring performance, ensuring you get the right results in the right way – putting performance reviews on a fact-based footing. You’ll get leading indicators, actionable intelligence, and the tools to truly steer the enterprise.

Change Behavior. Change Performance.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to performance and development. However, our experience has taught us that any comprehensive change management effort that focuses on optimal behavior will be well-positioned to achieve measurable, sustained results.

While recognizing the differences of any organization, our process includes:

  • Determining the organization’s strategic goals;
  • Devising an engineering intervention that provides a clear method for achieving a strategic path;
  • Identifying critical sets of behaviors that owners must exhibit;
  • Distilling the roles and responsibilities to simple, observable behaviors and clearly communicating them to employees;
  • Monitoring employee performance on a regular basis;
  • Promoting the desired behavior.

fairsystems’ Performance and Development experts put the tools for rapid and sustainable change in the hands of an organization’s team and then help them build a culture that makes ongoing performance breakthroughs a daily reality.