Operations Due Diligence

Operations Due Diligence

Operational due diligence can help highlight opportunities to simplify and consolidate logistics and supply chains, which can reduce costs and improve service performance.

fairsystems’ deep industry experience, worldwide reach, and outstanding, trusted track-record have established us as the go-to team for clients who need to understand the potential for operational improvement and cash flow maximization.

Operations’ Insight provides a Competitive Edge.

Across industries, fairsystems’ operations experts conduct an exhaustive and rigorous analysis of a given opportunity, taking a forensic look at the target company. With detailed data-driven analysis, we identify areas for improvement and quantification of savings, often providing operational insights and intelligence that give clients an edge in auctions.

We go deep into operations to find the detail that determines a company’s worth. Our process includes reviewing:

  • Footprint Analysis;
  • Product Portfolios;
  • Supply Chain;
  • Production;
  • Sourcing.
Operations Transforms the Private Equity Conversation

Today, private equity firms increasingly recognize that a company’s operational performance provides a valuable window into its current health and future growth potential. fairsystems’ exhaustive operational experience helped us identify four business areas that offer the greatest potential to generate operational value for private equity firms:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution;
  • Procurement;
  • Product Value Management.