Market Optimization

Market Optimization

Maximize your brand’s presence in each of your markets of operation.

Effective expansion planning doesn’t happen without effort—and data science. fairsystems uses a proprietary market potential model, data, and your custom success profile to simulate the future of your chain. Our market optimization team provides the tools you need for successful strategic planning, understanding your chain’s capacity for growth, and optimizing your store network.

Grow smarter

Where should you go next? With a finite capital budget and competing priorities, it’s important that you take a fact-based approach to development. fairsystems calculates and compares a number of growth scenarios to find the growth path that is right for your company. Uncover infill opportunities, capitalize on new growth, and rank and prioritize markets based on your goals.

Right-size your organization

Reaching your potential often means making sure you have the right mix of business locations. Make informed closure and relocation decisions to maximize your sales potential and market share and increase capital for growth projects.

Create profitable territories

If your expansion goals include franchising and your franchise agreements include open or closed territories, it’s critical that you define data-driven territories. Our territory optimization model uses your business rules and goals to define geographic territories that are balanced, dependable, and profitable.