E-commerce Site Evolution

If your digital business isn’t customer-centric, you’re leaving money on the table.


Our client’s goal was to transform his e-commerce storefront into a truly engaging website while also developing its digital marketing capabilities – especially online marketing and analytics.

Jessica Lauder

Chief Digital Officer / fairsystems
The younger generation of consumers is continuing to cause a massive shift in the market across all industries and sectors, making legacy customer targeting strategies inefficient at best. And nowhere is the need to deliver a compelling customer experience more critical than in a digital business. To meet revenue goals, companies must be able to quickly and continuously engage customers, present them with relevant offers and provide an easy purchasing process.

The Client

Our client, a business mainly focused on selling products via its online channels, was facing increasingly lower customer engagement and turnover. After evaluating the results of traditional and digital-based sales activities, our client realized that driving revenue growth would require changing the way it conducted business online.
To start, fairsystems completed a detailed assessment of what functionality the client's website could and should provide in order to promote continuous engagement, which our team then compared against best-in-class capabilities. This information helped to identify gaps in functionality while underscoring known technical shortcomings.
Throughout the project, agile development techniques were used to enable fast, priority-based development of new features. This allowed the fairsystems' team to employ an iterative process to handle changing business priorities and technical constraints. While this approach was new to the client's staff, they adapted quickly with help from fairsystems.
With the foundation of the integrated marketing and e-commerce platform established, the fairsystems' team addressed other aspects necessary to improve customer engagement and facilitate conversion rates, resulting in an impressive transformation from both sales and marketing perspectives.
Solution Details

@fairsystems, we know that challenges are merely opportunities in disguise.

Service-Oriented Architecture
Deliverable: Due to limited authoring capabilities and multi-step campaign development processes, it typically took an average of three weeks to make changes to promotions, with every update requiring IT assistance. fairsystems implemented a service-oriented architecture to allow more flexibility in online capabilities while enabling non-technical employees to make website changes.
Responsive website design
Deliverable: The static, hand-coded website which was in use was outdated and did not display properly on small-factor devices, like tablets and mobiles. Our team developed an interactive website with an intuitive design across browsers, tablets, and smartphones.
Shorter chekout process
Deliverable: The existing checkout process was a primary chokepoint for customers, and a lot didn’t even make it past the first step. 28% of shoppers were abandoning their shopping cart for no reason other than the checkout process was too long or complicated. A general rule of thumb for checkouts is the fewer pages, the better. fairsystems redesigned the existing checkout process to make it a single page.
Innovative customer targeting process
Deliverable: fairsystems employed a multidisciplinary approach that looks at some demographic data but combines this with psychographics, past behaviour, social listening, micro/macro trends and multiple other data sources streams. All of which allowed us to build an accurate picture of an audience’s mindsets, attitudes and lifestyles.
Personalized customer's experience
Deliverable: The static, hand-coded website which was used was outdated and did not support testing of alternate views. fairsystems personalized the customer experience based on navigation profiles, past purchases, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.
Increased revenue levels
Deliverable: Sales and revenue levels did not meet shareholders' expectations and have been in a "plateau" state for years. fairsystems helped our client evolve from the traditional product sales model to a subscription-enabled model and optimized customers' targeting and remarketing techniques.
Shared knowledge
Deliverable: Knowledge silos were formed as part of the natural evolution of our client's team, as the number of employees increased and the teams became more dispersed. This in turn affected our client's ability to effectively and timely respond to change, since knowledge needs to be documented and transferred to newcomers. fairsystems assisted our client to document his processes and procedures in an easy-to-navigate intranet portal and conducted exhaustive training sessions to get every team member in the know-zone.
Advanced reporting and insights
Deliverable: Our client was facing the challenge of extracting value from collected data sets and making informed business decisions based on this data. While collecting data is a good start, it's not enough. fairsystems helped our client put data into context, using advanced algorithms and pattern recognition, which helped scale massively complex data sets to a level that can be manipulated in a meaningful way.


Today, our client’s end-users access an intuitive website that employs built-in intelligence to provide relevant recommendations and offers an easy, one-click sales process – no matter what page they land on. In addition, the site admin can quickly display new promotions based on customer responses – often without requiring IT support and in a fraction of the time it originally required.

Overall webpage count decrease


Checkout-to-order conversions growth


Lead conversions increase


Online cart additions increase


Marketing efficiency improvement


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