Differences between web design and web development

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Differences between web design and web development


“Web Design” and “Web development” are compatible terms, but they really do very different meaning. If you want to establish a new project or a new website, you need to know the difference between these 2 terms.


It is the most common term used by professional web designers. It is all about the process of creating website which includes planning, analyzing, designing and updating. It also embraces the navigation process, colors, fonts, icon design, and photography.

Web designers are architects of the web. A good web designer must know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc. They are well focused on the looks of the website. They utilize their creativity, intuitive, and imagination to design an amazing website.

Web Designer:
1) Focus on the gaze of the website
2) Uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
3) Proficient in color scheming, graphic design, and information
4) Create an immense user occurrence
5) Right brained: inventiveness, instinct, and imagination

Web Development:

It refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via the internet. Web development includes web design, web content development. It includes building, creating, and maintaining websites.
Web Developers are more into technical nature. They have an extreme problem-solving knowledge and generally good at math. A developer writes the coding using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Web developers are the technical expert with programming.

1) Engage in technical workings of a website.
2) Uses PHP, .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other langauges
3) Develops user interface and user-friendly website
4)Lleft-brained: technical, logic, linear thinking
5) Competent on hands-on coding experience

The web design is mainly concerned with the look and feel of the website however web development deal with the technical and functionality part of the website. Every business must think once and twice before hiring the web design and development company to ensure that they are well versed with the advanced knowledge in their field. Once you opt for the professional companies, they will build the exact website which you have expected.

By Ultimez Technology